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Dr Who:


Dr Who: The Lonely Assassins

The Lonely Assassins is a game set in the Dr Who universe that mimics the style of a found phone horror game.
This concept is similar to the SIMULACRA series


Kaigan Games


Game Artist


Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects

project includes

UI UX Design
Game Art




2020 - 2021

Game story

Dr Who: The Lonely Assassins is based on the episode, Blink, from the Dr Who TV series where the "Weeping Angels" were introduced. It follows a continuation of the episode many years later. 


Like other games in the found phone genre, the game takes place on a mobile phone that players interact with to experience the story.

The problem

The game had to stand on its own and be part of its own universe. The UI had to detach itself from the SIMULACRA game's identity while being unique and still solving all the problems of making a game using a phone UI

My work (tldr)

I was brought on this project to train and supervise the main game artist on this project while providing UI work and game art based on the game's needs.

Coordinating with clients

Here I want to showcase my ability to coordinate with clients from afar with instructions for shooting a media component and how it closely it resembles from the mockup to the final product shown below

Mockup for Homescreen

Instructions for shooting

Final product

Big grdi 2_00000.png

Supervising juniors

Part of the job scope of the project was to train and guide another junior game artist to design UI for the first time.

First iteration of icons

Final product icons with review and iteration

Branding materials

Alternate versions of app store icons




Big grdi 2_00000.png

Dr Who: The Lonely Assassins 

Using the interface as a tool

Because of the limited space within the platform, I worked with the game designer to create UI elements to play with the scene for "boss fight" when the player finally confronts the main antagonist.

Big grdi 2_00000.png


I worked with the programmers to implement them in Unity

Big grdi 2_00000.png


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